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Have you been desperately searching to break out of whatever current stale hell you’re in so you can finally begin your life as an Andrew Tate protégé?
Are you trying to figure out how to make 10k/month with out flippin’ blow, NFT’s, or hoes*?
Are you sick and tired of talking to 420 forex masters just to find out it’s all the same kid in Nicaragua that employs 69 virtual assistants in the Philippines, and out of laziness is still using the same DM hook?
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I meant Homes when you see hoes*. Can’t figure out how to change it.

“Take initiative Times Standard is the TITS!!”

– Someone like Sam Parr, who owns a newsletter like the Hustle

“TITS is a pretty good name for a newsletter TBH”

The guy who made this website

“You’ll never see me shy away from a nice set of TITS”

Some random guy I bet

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